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  • Spotify and New Recording

    Spotify and New Recording

    In an effort to make recordings of my music more accessible I've decided to take steps in putting select pieces on Spotify and downloadable through Bandcamp.  Now you will be able to stream my electronic dance music track "Silhouettes" on Spotify and also through iTunes, iTunes Radio, Amazon and many other online stores.  However, I would recommend downloading from Bandcamp for high-quality audio.  Also, if you would like you can donate through Bandcamp and directly support my future recording projects.

    Links to:

    Bandcamp - Here
    Spotify - Here
    iTunes - Here
    Amazon - Here

    Also, I am excited to share the live recording of the premiere of my EDM sax. quartet piece "Lemons."  The piece features jazz improvisations and moments of new music chorales over the electronic dance styles of dubstep, trap, and hip-hop.  Premiered at the trendy Middlesex Lounge as part of the String & Fader: Quartet, is was a delight to work with the fine musicians featured in this quartet.  I've always thought that dance music under-utilized odd time signatures.  I am glad that the audience took to clapping in 5/4 with such enthusiasm.  Please enjoy the recording below.

    String & Fader Sax. Quartet (in order of solos):

    Mark Zaleski - Alto
    Aaron Gratzmiller - Tenor
    Emily Pecoraro - Soprano
    Tyler Burchfield - Baritone