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  • New Album Seven Morsels

    New Album Seven Morsels

    After nearly a year since Daniel Padgett recorded the music, Seven Morsels in the Form of a Persimmon is now available through this site, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.  Originally written for the Charlotte New Music Festival, I thought I should distribute this piece as far I can through online streaming services.  Recording this piece with Daniel was an absolute pleasure, and I hope that you will enjoy listening.

    Recorded in the Edward M. Pickman Hall at the Longy School of Music, this piece gave me an opportunity to experiment with piano recording techniques.  In my opinion, most traditional recordings of classical piano do not accurately capture the sonic qualities of performing the piano.  During the recording session, I used a pair of mics to capture the sound of the piano in the wooden hall and also another pair of mics inside the piano to capture the resonance in the instrument.  Hopefully, as you listen, the sounds of the Steinway piano will immerse you in its warm ringing overtones.  

    To complimented the understated nature of the piece, the album cover features an image of a persimmon by the talented designer Tandeka Lauriciano.  For me, the minimal composition, the exposed wooden grain, and the color play between the orange persimmon and the blue plate captured the essence of the music.  Please enjoy the image while listening to the music below:

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  • Silhouettes


    When I am not composing chamber music, I work on something else to keep from ear fatigue and exercise my music creation in a different way.  As I am influenced by a wide variety of sound sources I find that sometimes listening to different music is not enough.  I feel that I should engage in the different music I listen to by creating someting in that style.  If I had students I would recommend them to indulge themselves with different expressions of music as well, whether it is jazz, rock, or electronic dance music.  This is a dubstep track that I've been working on for some time now and I'm happy to be able to share it with you.  In this track you can hear a sample of Elizabeth Sterling, a very talented and expressive soprano.