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  • Halloween Show at LongyLab

    This past Halloween I had an opportunity to perform with my brother and video artist Benji Sayed.  Benji manipulates video to create a kaleidoscope of colors and textures and also uses old video game consoles to distort the image and produce sound.  For Halloween, Benji took VHS video recordings of our vacation in Thailand and life in Bangladesh from our childhood among other footage and ran it through some analog and digital processes.  Those processes created an audio by-product, which provided the soundscape for our piece.  Additionally, Benji produced atonal chaotic 8-bit sounds from a Nintendo Gameboy that supported our texture.  I used my guitar and controlled drum and synth samples using a MIDI controller to shape the piece.  By presenting our home movies in this manner, we were playing with the ideas of memory and nostalgia (at least that is my interpretation perhaps my brother has another).

    For me, the performance played around with memory and nostalgia in another way.  Growing up with Benji, I would often watch him play video games while practicing and doodling around on my guitar in our living room after school.  Sometimes I would join him in the video game.  My MIDI controller (MIDI Fighter 3D) uses arcade buttons instead of the traditional rubber pads to help execute exact and complex rhythms.  Performing on it reminded me of playing arcade games with my brother.